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          • 图片描述
          • 图片描述

          Premium Fixate Cell Pads by sunshot, Sticky Anti-Slip GEL Pads - can Stick to Glass, Mirrors, Whiteb

          Product Info:
          • Model gel pads - black
          • Price 7.99
          • Num 100
          Product Description :
          Remove at anytime, Stick to anywhere & Holds anything. You will discover more usefull using way of the Sunshot fixate gel pad from your life. How do I remove the gel pads? It is as easy as taking an edge and gently peeling it off. What is the lifespan of a gel pad? Due to the properties of Sunshot fixate gel pads, it is reusable until you no longer need it. Just remember to rinse wit

          Product Description

            • ▲ Sunshot fixate gel pads are great for use in the car, stick you phone or GPS for easy viewing and charging!Even small tablets and e-readers are great for fixate gel pads. Imagine all the possibilities when you can stick anything, anywhere.
            • ▲ You can use Sunshot fixate gel pads on your car dashboard without damage from the sun. As it can withstand high heat and sun exposure. This gel pads do not suffer damage from UV exposure or high temperatures.
            • ▲ Sunshot fixate gel pads are able to hold up to 1 KG, although this may vary with the texture, type and, size of surface areas used. We recommend using multiple gel pads for heavier or precious items to give you peace of mind and test in a safe environment.
            • ▲ This products are thin and malleable, which makes them great for sticking unusual or irregular shapes as well as hiding keys, organizing cables and sticking Go Pros to skateboards. Stick it to glass, mirrors, whiteboards, metal, kitchen cabinets or tile etc.